Oliver Jeffers

Harper Collins

Floyd’s kite is stuck! how can he get it down? he’s tried a shoe, his cat, a ladder, a bucket of paint, a duck and an orangutan, nothing seems to be working….


Floyd loves his red kite, but when it gets stuck in a tree he has to try all types of things to get it down, he tries throwing his shoe up, then his other one followed by his cat, then finally he gets the ladder…and throws that up too!! nothing is working.

Join Floyd on his increasingly chaotic and hillarious efforts to save his beloved red kite, written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers this book will make the whole family chuckle.

p.s if you’re a fan of Mr Jeffers other books look out for some familiar friends in the final illustration



NB the book pictured has a hardback cover but the book sold is a paperback


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