Son of The Sea – Hall Green Junior School

Richard Pickard

Chicken House

Word Play / Author Visit – Hall Green Junior School

We may be far from the sea here in Birmingham but we can still dream – like Casper who wants to be the youngest person to ever swim the English Channel. His giant webbed toes will probably be a help!

Unfortunately Casper’s mum and dad don’t share his excitement. They are more concerned with protecting him from the dangers of the sea. In an unexpected twist though mum and dad end up in hospital after a freak accident. Casper goes to stay with a granny he’s never met before in a strangely magical seaside town. As he explores his new world, he begins to uncover a mysterious link between himself, the town, and the ocean.

Richard Pickard’s debut novel, The Peculiar Tale of the Tentacle won the inaugural Chairman’s Choice prize as part of the Times/Chicken House children’s fiction competition in 2019. His love of storytelling started at a young age, through a passion for literature but also for cinema. Two of his greatest childhood influences were Roald Dahl and Tim Burton, who both possess a wickedly dark sense of humour.

This book is a pre-order for Richard Pritchard’s author visit to Hall Green Junior School, it will be delivered to the school for the author to sign at the event.

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