Sofia Valdez Future Pres

Andrea Beaty / David Roberts


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Sofia is a caring and loving member of her community, she loves helping out and doing as much as she can for others. Everyday she walks to school with her Abuelo (Granddad) but after an accident involving a huge pile of rubbish, landfill that no one has taken care off, Abuelo is injured and can no longer walk Sofi to school. Lonely on her walk she decides enough is enough, its time to take action, if no one else will do anything about clearing this mess up then she will!! She gets knock backs and hiccups along the way but Sofia is not one to leave things undone.

There’s definitely something in the water in Blue River Creek as this is the fourth book about the worlds most adventurous and ambitious group of school children, Sofia joins her school friends Iggy Peck, Rosie Revere and Ada Twist in this fantastic series of rhyming tales, wonderfully illustrated by David Roberts, inspirational picture books that are at the same time witty and light hearted.


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