Frontiers of Space Professor Astrocat

Dominic Walliman, Dr Dominic Walliman & Ben Newman

Flying Eye

The cleverest alley cat you’ll ever meet is ready to help you explore the frontiers of space


The universe is a complex thing for anyone to get their head around. What we need is a clever alley cat to explain the basic (and not so basic) facts, such as how was the universe born? How are stars created? Professor Astro provides us with factual information about the Sun, Earth, Moon, Solar System and so on. Written in a wonderfully engaging way, this book is packed full of facts that will go quite a long way towards explaining the mysteries of the universe.

The wren is proud to say that Dr Dominic Walliman BSc, MSc received his PhD in Quantum Device Physics from Birmingham University, England. Yay for Birmingham! However he has since gone to live in Vancouver…we just don’t have the mountains to compete. Ben Newman is an award-winning illustrator and comic book creator who lives and works in London.


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