Mud Pies and other recipes

Marjorie Winslow

New York Review Children's Collection, NY Review ofBooks

outdoor recipes for future foragers


The perfect handbook for any budding chef wishing to create a feast for their dolls, teddys, fairies and lucky lucky parents. Created by Marjorie Winslow and originally published with beautiful illustrations by Erik Blegvad in 1963 this book covers all course’s appetizers, soups, main dishes and even beverages. Catering for a range of tastes your little ones can learn to make anything from Wood Chip Dip (involves mixing dirt with water until a thick paste, then adding wood shavings) leaves en Brochette for the more adventurous, to everyone’s favourite Mud Pies. Written with lashings of humour and delicately flavoured with illustrations this is a must have for all those future foragers!!!


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