Madame Badobedah

Sophie Dahl, Sophie Dahl & Lauren O'Hara

Walker, walker books

get swept along in a seaside adventure

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Any story with a Mabel in gets my vote, this young Mabel lives in a hotel by the sea, the Mermaid Hotel no less and she likes to help out and keep an eye on all of the guests coming and going. One guest in particular catches her eye, an eccentric old lady who calls her “Darlink” and keeps ordering her about. Mabel is convinced that there’s something very fishy going on with this one. So she keeps an even keener eye on the suspicious guest and her beady eyed tortoise.

When Mabel finally discovers the secrets hidden inside Room 32 she embarks on whirlwind adventure with her unlikely companion and..eventually her friend.

A wonderful story about friendship and imagination, written by Sophie Dahl who it goes without saying, comes from good writing stock, you would be mistaken in thinking that this follows in the family tradition, it doesn’t, it stands out all on its own, accompanied by the fantastically talented Lauren O’Hara who brings the Mermaid Hotel to life, who wouldn’t want to go on holiday there some day?


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