Kiki’s Delivery Service – Paperback

The book that inspired this classic Studio Ghibli film

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Kiki is a witch in training and along with her constant companion Jiji the cat, she is determined to be independent and find her own way in the world. She may be a witch but she’s not that great at spells, in fact her only magical talent is flying, therefor she plays to her strengths and sets up a delivery service, using her broomstick skills to deliver all over town. Things aren’t always that simple though and it seems there’s always trouble of one sort or another around the corner!

Written by Eiko Kadono in 1985 this edition features a great introduction by the author, she explains that Kiki was inpsired by a drawing of her daughters, of a witch on a broomstick carrying a radio. She knew that if she chose to write for a living that she too would fly as writing fiction made her feel as though she had wings! . Reading this book will hopefully give you that same feeling too, a wonderful story to escape in, with illustrations by Joe Todd Stanton throughout and translation by Emily Balistrieri.


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