Zeki Rise And Shine – Event Pre Order

Ruth Hearson

Alanna Max

This is a pre-order link for illustrator Ruth Hearson’s talk at The Festival of Brilliant
Schools day Fri 12th July

** This is a pre-order link for The Festival of Brilliant **
All orders will be delivered to the child at the festival

After a big sleep, it’s time for Zeki to wake up! His eyes, ears, mouth & nose, head, shoulders, knees & toes shimmy, shake and bounce into action. By the last spread, he’s ready for anything! An energetic companion to Zeki Sleep Tight, this is a perfect way to start the day.

ZEKI BOOKS series has nine titles featuring the everyday life of little Zeki. When you are one, every day brings a new experience; when you are little, even small things are big adventures. Zeki greets every new experience with a sense of adventure and a smile! Babies and toddlers love looking at images of other babies like themselves and will enjoy seeing their everyday world in a story.

Written by Anna McQuinn & Illustrated by Ruth Hearson.

Ruth Hearson has illustrated and written several children’s books including the Zeki series.

All books will be delivered to the festival on Friday 12th July please include the following information so that we can get the book to the correct person on the day:
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