WORD PLAY magazine

Welcome to Word Play, the book that celebrates words and play!
Inside these pages you’ll find stories and poems about child detectives, about not liking poetry, stories about volcanoes, bad moods and bananas and a guest appearance by a pigeon called Dave.

All of these are extracts from books, written by authors, poets and also a gardener! We have put them together to give you a taste of all the different types of stories and styles of writing that are out there. They are here to inspire you to read more, write more and enjoy plenty of hours of play with words. If you like them that much, you might want to read the full book they belong to, which you can get from a library near you, or if you’ve got some pocket money you can buy them from How Brave Is The Wren or any good independent bookshop near you.

This PDF magazine was made with the generous support of Anorak Magazine, 1000 copies were printed for the school programme and it is available here for you to download for free, we hope you enjoy it!!