Word Play: Lets Make Art

Sat 10th June 3pm & 4pm

Sat 10th June 3pm-5pm

Using art to send a message!

Join Lets Make Art to create your own unique tile, choose an endangered creature, insect or plant to illustrate and you will be provided with a ceramic tile and recycled vinyl to create an image that highlights your chosen subject.

This activity is centred around communicating the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and inspired by the themes of Oliver Jeffers book Here We Are.

More than 40 per cent of the global population are between the ages of 10 and 24 years old – the largest youth population ever. To solve the world’s problems, the next generation needs to know what those problems are. A good way to ensure this is to teach them about the SDGs. Lets Make Art endeavour to do this in a fun and imaginative way.

Karen & Alice from Lets Make Art will be on hand with reference images of Sea Creatures, Flora and Fauna, Birds, Mammals, Primates and Insects, to help you create your image.

Let’s Make Art champion sustainable, recycled art projects, creating hand made artworks that kids will be proud to keep and display.

This workshop will run as two sessions 3pm-4pm / 4pm-5pm please choose which session you would like to come for.

Ticket price is per child (1 tile per ticket) children must be accompanied by an adult throughout the sesion, your ticket also entitles you to 15% discount off the Lets Make Art activity book if purchased at the event.