The Stolen Prince of Cloud Burst (Bronte book 3)

Jaclyn Moriarty

Guppy Books

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Esther is suffering from second child syndrome, in her mind she doesn’t live up to the greatness of her older and younger siblings, she longs to be a spellbinder more than anything but no matter how long she spends staring at her toes, they never turn blue (the tell tale sign). Along with her sisters she attends boarding school which she loves, and is excited to see her best friends at the beginning of the new term. But she soon finds out that they have left school without even telling her, she has a new teacher (rumoured to be an ogre) and on her first assignment she gets a C- things are getting progressively worse.

When a school swimming session turns into a disaster with a surprise attack from shadow mages, Esther becomes increasingly aware that something is quite wrong, can she find the strength beneath the sefl doubt to save the Kingdoms and Empires or is she simply too ordinary to be extraordinary?

The third in Jaclyn Moriarty’s Kingdom & Empires series, is equally quirky and funny as the first two, each carries its own individualistic format with Moriarty’s signature flair of creating a world that you just want to dive right into and never come out. Warning: Happy tears may be shed…

NB first in the series is The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestones, followed by The Slightly Alarming Tale of The Whispering Wars.. not one for a snappy title should tell you all you need to know about these brilliant books. Not necessary to read in order, each one is a stand alone narrative but they do reference characters across the three.


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