The Perfect Shot

Eve Ainsworth

UCLan publishing

The second book in the series, based on the remarkable story of the Dick, Kerr Ladies.

When the end of WW1 is declared not everyone is left feeling relieved, many are left dealing with nightmares from their personal experience, Hetties brother Freddie is one such person, struggling with the memory of his mistake that led to someone dying in the war.

In an attempt to distract himself her throws his efforts into supporting Hettie and her football team, finding a good use for his photography skills he quickly becomes their unoffical photographer. Will getting to know these women help him face his demons?

The story follows the true events of of the teams domestic and international tours where they played against French Ladies teams. Linking Freddies story to these true events, bringing to live a forgotten history and reminding us of a vital lesson we can all learn from the Dick, Kerr Girls, that team work, communication and friendship can overcome just about anything.