The Perfect Parent Project

Stewart Foster

Simon And Schuster

‘Friendship, laughter, suspense and more!’ – Ross Welford

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Sam wants a family, he wants a home not a house, somewhere where he know that his parents will still be when he wakes up.
Throughout his whole life Sam has been in and out of foster care, so he’s never truly known what it means to belong somewhere, to feel safe and secure. But he’s fed up of waiting, his best friend Leah has a brilliant idea, how about they go out and find one for him? rather than waiting for one to come along! his tick list for the perfect parents includes:
1. A mega mansion like the ones footballers live in
2. A garage wall with a basketball hoop
3. No gerbils
4. Holidays to Disneyland
should be a piece of cake…..
The Perfect Parent Project is a funny and heart warming story about a boy’s search for the perfect family


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