The Nine Night Mystery – CJS

Sharna Jackson


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A page-turning, fast-paced, twisty murder mystery packed with epic reveals from the award-winning author Sharna Jackson.

Last night Wesley and his friends Josephine and Margot threw their neighbour Rachel a surprise birthday party. This morning, Rachel is dead. And Wesley is the one who finds her body. Rachel’s friends throw a traditional Caribbean Nine Night celebration to help guide her soul to the next world. But Wesley, Margot and Josephine don’t have time to mourn Rachel. They are determined to find out who did this – and find out what secrets Rachel was keeping…

Suitable for 8+

About Sharna Jackson

Sharna Jackson is an award-winning, bestselling author and Artistic Director who creates work for children and young people, her previous books include High Rise Mystery, Mic Drop & The Good Turn. Sharna is also a curator working on creative projects that engage with young people and was responsible for creating the Tate Kids website. Sharna now lives on a ship in Rotterdam in the Netherlands where she pens her page-turning, twisty murder mysteries.

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