The Marvellous Land of The Snergs

Veronica Cossanteli & Melissa Castrillión, Veronica Cossantelli

Chicken House Books

The story that inspired The Hobbit

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Two orphans Pip & Flora have run away from Sunny Bay Home for Superflous and Accidentally Parentless Children and have fallen into another world entirely, they soon discover that the two worlds are linked and in trying to find their way home they’re thrown into a world of adventure, encountering cinnamon bears, wobsers and dastardly kelps along the way, Of course they also happen upon some snergs, in particular their new friend Gorbo, a cheerful if somewhat happless snerg, who helps then along the way.
The original (on which this book is based) was written by E.A.Wyke-Smith and is credited with having inspired J.R.R Tolkien to write The Hobbit. This updated version written by Veronica Cossanteli is fantastical, funny and adventurous, with just the right level of peril and an all important satisfying ending! The new edition published by Chickenhouse books is accompanied throughout with glorious illustrations by Melissa Castrillón.


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