The Dinner That Cooked Itself

J.C. Hsyu / Kenard Pak, JC Hsyu

Flying Eye

An ancient Chinese Folk tale revived

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Tuan finds a giant snail one night and every night following he comes home to a sumptuous home cooked meal, but he lives on his own, who is cooking his meals for him? This charming story blends magic with realism, based on an ancient Chinese Folk tale it tells the story of a young man named Tuan who looses his parents when he is very young, because he honest and hard working a fairy is sent to care for him, but she cannot stay once she has been seen by a mortal. Beautifully painted landscapes and characters bring this ancient tale to life.

The story includes Chinese characters that are explained at the back of the book, along with a simple explanation about calligraphy

Jennifer C Hsyu and Kenard Pak have both worked in children’s film animation, this is their first picture book together for Flying Eye Books


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