The Dangerous Journey

Tove Jansson

Sort of, Sort of Books

“Susanna woke one morning, Bored and confused and cross”


We all know that feeling, however for Susanna it results in being whisked away to a dark and dangerous world, thankfully she eventually comes across the Hemulen and his associates Bob and Thingummy who help her to navigate her way to the safety of Moomin Valley

This was the last of Tove Jansson’s Moomin series originally published in 1977 and features some wonderfully expressive landscapes, also great fun to read out loud with the backwards language of Bob and Thingummy.

Tove Jansson’s timeless tales of the magical, mythical world of Moomin Valley have been enchanting readers young and old since their creation in the 1950s. Originally written in Swedish and published in 1977 The Dangerous Journey was re-published in 2010 by Sort of Books with a updated translation by Sophie Hannah.


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