Guardians of Magic

Chris Riddel, Chris Riddell

Pan Macmillan, PanMacmillan

The future of magic is in danger, three brave chidlren have to fight back and believe the impossible…

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In the land of Thrynne the Forever Tree is a powerful source of magic, but enemies are working together to destroy it, if they succeed magic will be gone and so will the cloud horses on which all the children cast their wishes. Three children, one from each city of Thrynne receive a gift from the tree to help them try to save it. Zam, Phoebe and Bathsheba are to be the Guardians of Magic they will have to believe in the impossible in order to save it.

Includes ballet dancing bears, professional princesses and flying cloud horses, whats not to love, with wonderful illustrations by Chris Riddell throughout this beautiful hardback edition.


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