The Boy Who Fooled The World

Lisa Thompson


“A story of fame and fortune, making mistakes and learning to be true to yourself”

Most of the time when you tell a little white lie no one notices and no harm is done, but sometimes you tell one little white lie and that leads to another and then another until all of a sudden you find yourself a household name and an international celebrity, but have a guilty secret that could expose you at any moment. Well maybe thats never happened to you but it is definitely what happened to Cole, the boy who fooled the world.

After being the odd one out at school, never having the latest gadgets or the coolest trainers and being keenly aware of his family’s struggles to make ends meet, Cole is over joyed when one of his paintings gets spotted by a London gallery and sold for a life changing amount of money. He’s rich, famous and people think he’s a genius. BUT there’s just that little white lie, that guilty secret that could quite possibly ruin everything!

Another gripping page turner by the ever so talented Lisa Thompson.


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