The Beasts of Knobbly Bottom – KHP

Emily Jane Clark

Author Visit 20th October 2023

Maggie McKay is NOT happy that her mum has decided to move from their flat in Leicester to a house in Knobbly Bottom (the most BORING village ever invented). Knobbly Bottom has got NO soft play centres, NO toy shops and NO horse that her mum had (sort of) promised her.

There are just fields, church fetes, and a bunch of boring old sheep! But Maggie soon discovers that Knobbly Bottom is also full of SECRETS. The sheep are growing FANGS, their eyes are turning RED, and they’re planning to take over the world… When Mum thinks she’s just making up another silly story, it’s up to Maggie, her little sister Lily and their new friend Fred – with the help of a strange old lady called Nan Helsing and some stinky garlic bread – to save Knobbly Bottom from the ATTACK OF THE VAMPIRE SHEEP!

Emily Jane Clark is a comedy writer, drama teacher and author, this is her first comedy book for children, Emily will be visiting Kings Heath Primary School on Friday 20th October, this is a pre-order links, books will be delivered to school.

**DELIVERY** please put the pupils name and class number / name in the order notes so that we know who to deliver it to.

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