The Backward Day

Ruth Krauss

New York Review Children's Collection, NY Review ofBooks

Backward day is backward day of course, where everything’s backward

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‘A little boy woke up one morning and got out of bed. He said to himself “today is backward day”…’. Backward days happen to all of us now and then, but thankfully the little boy’s understanding parents join in the game along with his sister as he acts out the ‘backward day’, which involves putting on his clothes in a backwards order, walking down the stairs backwards, sitting at the table backwards….

First published in 1950 The Backward Day was written by author, playwright and poet Ruth Krauss and illustrated by Marc Simont. Its simple and funny story will entertain young folk with wonderfully bold illustrations that are perfectly matched to the story.

This is one of The New York Review Children’s Collection books, created in 2003 to re-introduce classic children’s titles to a new audience.



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