Senior Grammar Autumn – The Literacy Club Book Bundle

This book bundle provides a complete set required for the autumn term with the Senior Grammar group at The Literacy Club. There are 10 books in total, the book list is provided by The Literacy Club and not detailed here by request of the tutors.

These books are required for 21st October

Delivery Details:

Books ordered by 13th Oct: Any books ordered before 13th October will be delivered to The Literacy Club school venue, please include student first and last name / class number / class venue (Brook Lane / Walker Hall / Shenstone)

Books ordered after 13th Oct: will need to be collected from How Brave Is The Wren shop, you will receive an email to notify you when the parcel is ready for collection, please then collect from:

4 York Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham. B28 9JP
opening hours: Wed – Sat 10am – 5pm




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