Reggie Houser Has The Power – HGJS

Helen Rutter


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Reggie Houser has ADHD and struggles to make friends at school, plus his mum and teachers seem constantly weary about his erratic, high-energy ways. But when he sees a hypnotist perform on stage at the holiday park he visits, Reggie becomes obsessed with learning the skills of mind control – and he discovers he has an incredible talent for it! First of all he hypnotises the dog to think he’s a frog, then makes his headmaster cluck like a chicken in assembly in front of the whole school – but then a group of mean kids supposedly take him under their wing and make him use his hypnosis talents for bad: stealing a chocolate bar from a shop and escalating to a bigger theft. Reggie must decide to use his skills for good only and come to trust his own brain to make decisions.

Packed with brilliant jokes and one-liners to make kids roar with laughter, A book to encourage empathy and kindness in young readers

About Helen Rutter
Helen lives in the countryside just outside Sheffield with her comedian husband, two children and two dogs, Ronnie and Billy Whizz. When she is not tapping away in her writing room, she loves walking the dogs, playing board games and reading. Her other books include “The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh”, “The Piano At The Station” and “The Boy Whose Wishes Came True”

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