Millions – Bournville Village Primary School

Frank Cottrell Boyce & Steven Lenton

Frank Cottrell-Boyce & Steven Lenton school visit 3rd October

Heart-achingly funny, touching and brilliantly clever, Millions is a fantastic adventure about two boys, one miracle and a million choices. Brothers Damian and Anthony didn’t mean to get caught up in a botched train robbery. But what would you do if a massive bag of cash dropped from the sky and you had only a few days to spend it before it became worthless? Buy a million pizzas? End world poverty? Not such an easy decision, is it? The boys soon find out that being rich is a mug’s game.

Not only is the clock ticking, the bank robbers want their money back . . .

Paperback book

This is a pre-order link for Frank Cottrell Boyce & Steven Lenton’s visit to Bournville Village Primary School on 3rd October, please put the childs name and class number in the order notes, the books will be delivered on the day of the event where they can be signed by the author and illustrator.


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