Meet Matilda Rocket Builder

Dom Conlon & Heidi Cannon

UCLan publishing

Going to the Moon is SO last century, so how difficult can it be-even for a ten-year-old-to follow in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong and the Apollo astronauts?

Ten year old Matilda is going to the Moon, no question about it, it surely can’t be that difficult can it? she’s just got to get to grips with the basics of how to have a wee in space first.

A perfect blend of comic character narrative packed with scientific, but easy to understand facts about air pressure, escape velocities and coding.. plus the all important question of how much does your poo weigh in space? join Matilda as she uses her brains to discover all the answers she needs to help her on her mission to the Moon.

Heidi Cannon’s doodle style illustrations are a great match for Dom Conlon’s text, this book will keep older space and science fanatics happy, whilst at the same time sparking the imaginations of younger readers.



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