Little Leaders; Visionary women around the world


“To anyone who dares to dream BIG”

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“Meet The Little Leaders. They’re Brave. They’re Bold. They Changed The World.”

A collection of true stories about female creators and thinkers from around the world, this is the second book in the popular Little Leaders series by Vashti Harrison that introduces young folk (and their parents / carers) to inspirational figures past and present. This edition focus’s on women of all different backgrounds and walks of life including scientist Marie Curie, artists Frida Kahlo & Yayoi Kusama, environmental activitst Wangari Maathai and architect Zaha Hadid. The book perfectly illustrates that sometimes seeing things a little differently can lead to big changes.

69 women have a page dedicated to them, with a further 18 featuring at the back of the book with smaller descriptions, a great resource for kids to be introduced to the lives of these amazing people.


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