Let’s Make A Dada Poem

12pm Sat 15th June

Create some brilliantly daft poems


Poems are hard to write..right? WRONG they are sooooo easy, especially when you’re a Dadaist. But hold on a minute whats a Dadaist? and what on earth is a Dada Poem? Well Dada was an art movement over 100 years ago and it is fair to say it could be a bit silly. Dada artists also championed the idea that anything could be art.

One thing Dada artists loved to do was to cut out words and put them together to make a completely new sentence or poem…simple.

So if you fancy having a go and making up some daft poems (and maybe performing them if you’re feeling brave and most importantly silly) then you’ve come to the right place.

Tickets for this workshop are £2 per participant to cover the cost of materials (parents/carers don’t need a ticket)

How Brave Is The Wren shop will remain open during the workshop so parents / carers are required to stay, all ages welcome.


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