Knights & Bikes (K&B book 1)

Gabrielle Kent

Knights Of

A fast-paced, action-packed adventure mixing myth and magic, ghosts and curses!!

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Imagine if you had to save the home that you loved, by embarking on the biggest ever treasure hunt? quite the challenge, well thats exactly what happens to Demelza thankfully she has her new best friend Nessa in tow to solve the mysteries with her.

Demelza lives on Penfurzy a small island rich in myth and legend, where many centuries ago the Penfurzy Knights built a big castle, hid a bunch of cursed treasure inside – and then both they and the castle mysteriously disappeared.

Her favourite place in the whole wide world is the crazy golf park that her mom lovling built before she died, but now her dads having to consider selling up and moving them closer to town, an utter disaster in Demelza’s opinion. So in order to turn things around Demelza sets her heart on finding the long-lost treasure, breaking the Knights curse and saving the park and her home. The discovery of a hidden notebook is the stroke of good luck they really needed and now they may just have a chance of success… let the treasure hunt commence!


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