Knight Sir Louis(KSL book 1)

Brothers Mcleod, The Brothers Mcleod

Guppy Books

“No one said being a champion would be easy”…


He lives in a sideways castle and his best friends with a flying robot horse called Clunkalot, a magical boar Mr catalogue and Pearlin the self trained Wizard, all of whom are going to be a fanastic help to the Knight Sir Louis when it comes to stopping the giant chocolate coin snaffling Damsel…Right?

I can’t imagine many other childrens’ books come with recommedations from comedian Stewart Lee, i think on that basis alone parents can be assured a good read!!

Created by The Brothers McLeod, Greg a BAFTA nominated character designer, illustrator and animation director and Myles who has written hundreds of sciprts for TV extensively writing for Children’s television including Octonauts and Hey Duggee.



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