How To Spaghettify Your Dog

Hiba Noor Khan


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Have you ever wondered how to slow down time? Or what would happen if you fell into a black hole? Well, wonder no more. This book is bursting with fascinating physics facts that will explain everything you want to know, and more, about the curiosities of our cosmos. Featuring easy-to-follow experiments, eye-catching illustrations and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, this book will demystify physics and bring science to life.

About Hiba Noor Khan
Hiba Noor Khan is a writer and activist based in the north of England. Her academic background is in physics and engineering and she completed postgraduate study in 2015 at the University of Oxford. Since then she has worked as a Refugee Advocacy Worker for The Children’s Society and Physics teacher. She has written six children’s book so far including the Carnegie Award nominated Safiyyah’s War

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