Curse of The Dearmad

Emma Mylrea

Tiny Tree

Nell’s twin sibling Percy has always been more extraordinary than her, or so she thinks, Percy is a “gillie” meaning he has gills and can swim underwater for great lengths of time. This isn’t unusual in the world where the Shearwaters live, but it is becoming increasingly dangerous, Gillies rely on perfect equilibrium within nature and the environment, but their’s is rapidly growing unstable as the world is damaged by humankind.

When their mother falls ill, Percy has to set out on a perilous journey, through uncharterd waters, to the (possibly mythical) island of Doona. It is then that Nell discovers her own mysterious gift, one that she must fight to harness in time to save her family, and the one thing lying in her way?… the Curse of the Dearmad!

A tale of friendship, love, family, and betrayal, perfectly brought together in this magical adventure.


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